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Blog EntryBlog: Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Raising Kids to Thrive Book Study

A myth has developed that the SATs/ACTs will determine fate.
The push toward perfection will undermine the very ingredients that aáchild needs for success. The pressure to develop into a desirable college applicant now may result in a less successful and happy adult later. Celebrate successes, know strengths and be aware of weaknesses. Being a high achiever isáNOT the same thing as being a perfectionist. See failure as a temporary setback that needs to be overcome with effort. Setting reasonable goals generally helps the process along. When we focus on performance, students may come to see that this is what matters to those who are important in their lives. We risk a backlash of self-doubt, anxiety or perfectionism; students perform for the grade rather than the important knowledge. Learning is an UNEVEN process; notice and praise effort, focus your criticism on specific effort or behavior and support delayed gratification, tenacity and GRIT! Every person can beáa high achiever in an area that best matches aptitude!


Posted by Dr. Paula Valenti at 4:34 PM
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