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Blog EntryBlog: Monday, October 10, 2016

Clowns and Halloween

Dear Glen Rock Parent or Guardian,

I am writing to bring a matter of concern to your attention and its relationship to the upcoming Halloween festivities.

Recently, I have been alerted that traditional Halloween observances may be negatively impacted by the inappropriateness of those who have taken to distorting the image of clowns. Since the clown costume matter has the potential to disrupt our learning environment and impact the greater community, I ask you to please set aside time to speak with your child about sensitivity with regard to costume selection and appropriate behavior.

In addition, I strongly urge you to review with your family members the Department of Homeland Security See Something Say Something campaign. The campaign sets out guidelines for reporting suspicious activity. If you or your children should find something odd or suspicious please call your local law enforcement agency to describe what you observed: including who, what, when, where and why itís suspicious. Parents may access additional information on this campaign by visiting:

I would like to remind you we all share in the responsibility to monitor how our children participate in this annual tradition.† As adults, we have an important role to play in creating a safe environment for everyone. Letís not allow the media buzz about inappropriate clowns interfere with this annual tradition.

Families can expect to hear more about the observance of Halloween from their specific school building principal as the event draws near.

Posted by Dr. Paula Valenti at 12:03 PM
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